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With significant experience in both financial management and communications, Kevin Barnes serves clients across a multitude of fields, offering a comprehensive scope of expertise unique among business owners and executive advisors.

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Whether you are venturing into a new business startup, are looking to expand staffing or implement key changes at an existing corporation, need guidance in navigating press and public relations, or could benefit from representation by a seasoned media spokesman, Kevin Barnes' diverse experience and business acumen can take a daunting task and simply make it a "done" task. How can we share the burden and become a strategic and collaborative partner on whom you can lean?

Menu of Servics


Management & Operations

Leadership & Culture

Transition [sell or buy a business]

Business Continuation

Human Resources

Assistance for Non-profits

Business Startup


Public Relations

Media Spokesperson 

Speaking Engagements

PSAs & Commercials

Marketing Products

Documentary Narration

Voiceover Work

What does Kevin actually do for business owners? Here's what he had to say.

"Several years ago, I met with my doctor, who quickly asked me, “where is your pain?” Once we identified where the pain and stress was coming from, my doctor created a plan so my body could heal and be restored.


"A business, much like our body, needs to function well and be healthy. But sometimes things get off track and the right treatment or adjustment is needed."


Can you identify the stress, pain or problem areas of your business?

Leadership & Culture

Is the team working together to fulfill the mission statement? 

Profit & Loss

Are we maintaining profitability from month to month?

Business Management & Assets and Liabilities

Are we positioned to be profitable?

Buy-Sell Agreement (partners/no partners), Business Transition and Continuation

Are we prepared for sudden ownership changes?

Marketing, Advertising and Sales

Are we reaching new customers and providing excellent client service?

Business Structure

Sole Proprietorship, C. Corporation, S. Corporation and LLC. – Which entity fits our company?

Business Planning & Estate Planning

Can we avoid probate, taxes and work stoppage?


Is the entire team prepared?

Business Operations

Are we functioning efficiently? 

Avoiding Lawsuits

Do we transfer our risks when necessary?

501(c)(3) Nonprofit Fundraising

Are we profitable enough to make a difference in our community?

HR Employee Benefits, Responsibilities and Procedures

Can we avoid chaos and have happy employees?

Distress, Death, Disability and Divorce

Have we prepared for the unexpected?

Media Relations

Do we always communicate clearly?


Kevin currently serves as a business consultant and still holds the CFP® certification


Every business owner should take time to assess his or her business.


  • Is your business healthy… profitable… manageable? 

  • Where is your business today?

  • Where is your business going?

  • Do you understand your strengths and weaknesses?

  • What are the business opportunities?

  • What are the potential threats to your business?

  • What are your future business goals?


Whether you are starting, managing or transitioning from your business, Kevin can provide the wisdom and solutions you need. Kevin also assists companies and organizations in certain key areas of communication (see Menu of Services). 

If you would like to visit with Kevin, please send an email to:


“I have partnered with Kevin since 1996 and have found him to be very trustworthy.  Kevin is a creative problem solver who looks for solutions that allow his clients to meet or exceed their goals.”

Rodney Womack,

Vice President of Sales, Walmart and Beautiful


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“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

C.S. Lewis

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